So that means the guy with the stock tips at your job…the blog with the can’t miss trades…even the hedge fund that you’re thinking of sending money to…A LARGE MAJORITY of those that are trading (day or swing traders) are losing. Have you been trading? Have you been successful?

Have you wondered if you’re missing something? Why you always seem to buy stocks/options at the wrong times? You see a chart, it looks good, they just had solid earnings, it meets all the requirements of that chart book you read, you buy into the momentum, go to lunch, and the stock has went down 5%. Or…you sell for a 2% profit, but the next day it goes up another 3% What did you do wrong?

Nothing. Day trading just doesn’t work. How do we know?

Because we had one of the most successful day trading programs ever…Stockbreaker PRO. Using our CORE system we taught aggressive traders how to day trade stocks and options. Of the hundreds of people that joined us paying $400 a month we are proud to say that more than half of the traders that joined us made money. Significant money. Millionaires were made. However the other half that did not make money would leave us angry. Upset. Now to be clear no one ever lost money (over the course of the month) as a result of the entries and exits we gave. Those that would lose did so because they did not get in and out when we said. A lot of them, because of their jobs etc could not get in and out when we said. That bothered the founder and creator of the system who goes by the alias blackstockguy. (BSG)

So we went back and looked thru all of the CORE system’s recommendations. What we found was incredible. Eighty percent of the stocks that we day traded over the year were significantly higher or lower (depending on what the system told us to do) a full year later. So much so that all you had to do was NOTHING and you would have made more money just holding it than trading it. Our Stock picking system which is The CORE of what we do has handily beaten the S&P 500 for 4 years in a row. In 2013 The CORE recommendations more than tripled the S&P 500. To date we haven’t found any other system, software, or otherwise that comes even close.

So much to the disappointment of many valued traders, we canceled our PRO service. We wanted a system whereby ANYBODY, the bachelor, teacher, fireman, retiree, single mom, teenager, even little kids could explode their portfolio (with their parents permission ofcourse).

What has happened since then has been nothing short of incredible.

In the past 12 months 20 CORE stocks have returned over 100 percent!

You don’t have to trade anything. All you have to do is hold the recommended positions. Get in when we say. Get out when we say.

What could you achieve winning on 80% of your trades?


Using a series of code we created called Dynametrics, we are able to determine (with 80% certainty) the direction of the stock, up or down. The system then gives us a Price Target on any particular stock. We scan the entire universe of stocks, and give you the ones the system expects the most significant movement from.

This system gave us BBY (Best Buy) at $12.25


How the core works


We were able to see that BBY was a buy before the end of 2012. BBY was in the midst of being acquired for what was thought to be a share price of $14.00 (the most people thought they would get is $15.00). Meanwhile the system gave us a price target of $20.00

Not to our surprise, the deal fell thru and the stock fell. But then something magical happened. People discovered that Best Buy was still making money. And earnings reports came in that were totally contrary to what all the “experts” were saying. By April BBY hit our price target! A 63% gain on the stock. Our options had paid more than 10 times our investment!! We thought WOW what a great investment, and thought it was best to sell it. But at that point, the system gave us a price target of $30. So on blind faith we held some of our positions. And in July, BBY came within 6 pennies of our $30 target. Our option positions had now paid 40x the investment!! See where BBY is now?  (We exited BBY at $41.28)

All you have to do is GET IN WHEN WE SAY, GET OUT WHEN WE SAY. And in between that time do what you always do. Go to work, spend time with your family, whatever it is that you do. To have basic access to The CORE is FREE! PLEASE take the time to search. You will not find any other system, software, blog, website, or otherwise at this price that comes close to what The CORE provides. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN WE GET IN AND OUT OF STOCKS We give you the entries AND the exits for just $30. We even show you how to construct your portfolio.

This system has to date produced winning trades over 80% of the time.  For a stock to even be considered it must meet 17 of the system’s requirements. If it meets even 16 of them, we still don’t add it to The CORE. There is no other system as accurate, timely, or that provides as many winners as Stock Breaker.

How much time have you spent researching, planning, and studying trying to find the FEW 3 or 4 trades that would work? How much money have you lost on bad stocks, or just bad timing? How different would your portfolio look if you KNEW you were in a bad trade and were alerted to get out? With Stock Breaker 99% of all the time consuming things you do to invest are gone.

No more research. No more guesswork. We’ve already done that for you.


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